Modern Material is designed to change the way we think, create, curate, make, market and monetize our material.  We are a global collective sharing talent, experience, resources and revenue with minimum financial risk and maximum reward. Our company is 100% owned and operated by independent artists, influencers and sales consultants earning commissions or rewards based on talent and consumer reach.


Made by Music






There's a World of Opportunity Out There

We all have friends and they all listen to music, watch videos on YouTube, like photos on Instagram and buy food, clothing, jewelry, accessories, makeup, personal care, pet products, children's toys, home decor and gifts for their friends. Then they tell all of their friends about what a great deal they got or how they found something that was hard to find. Creating a consumer need, providing a great value, and making material easy to access is the key to every successful business. Connecting the global supply chain to minimize financial risk and maximize financial reward is only made possible by massive corporations who have the experience and resources needed to build a global commerce system. If every independent artist, designer and entrepreneur could connect the dots between their own businesses, maybe they could make more than just a living.




We Have a Lot of Material to Cover

Modern Material was founded in March 2005 by Advertising & Graphic Design graduate and Bath & Body Works packaging designer, Annie Weihrauch {y•rock}, as a street team destination to connect music fans to new material. She was mailing VHS tapes and passing out CDs to music fans to promote her favorite new artists when she decided to start a website to upload digital files.


Annie's passion for designing album covers began to shift over to her website until social media websites began to emerge. While working in a corporate cubicle 40 hours a week and going to dozens of concerts, she noticed something. The music industry was in rapid decline from the ability for consumer to steal digital material while the fashion and consumer product goods industry began to rapidly increase sales with the ability to cut out the middle men by marketing and sell direct-to-consumer online.

Grab Your Friends and Let's Get Loaded

Modern Material is designed for independent artists to build global lifestyle brands together. We will provide a single, convenient commerce destination for customers to experience what goes on behind the scenes of all the material they consume. We will provide limited mass production of designs created, curated and by our members and share revenue based on contribution value.


Our creative collective will collaborate on merchandising and marketing campaigns for apparel, accessories and the consumer product goods we all need to buy daily. We will host creative challenges, share resources and revenue from collaborative projects, and provide opportunities for artists and influencers  to build their own brands through our shared company.




Music Lifestyle Brands

Our lifestyle brands will be inspired by music, lyrics and emotional experiences. Members will form teams to compete for best song, best album cover, best designs, and best brand marketing campaign for each project. Merchandise will only be made available for pre-order or limited run. Winners will share a majority of the profit generated by the sale of merchandise and contribute a portion to a cause they care about.



The Future Format of Music

 Your job is to make music. Unless you're Madonna, your merch is not a fashion brand. Even the Material Girl's  merch is not a fashion brand. What's up with that? Apparently something the Music Industry calls a 360 deal. An old school business model that is not keeping up with the Kardashians. Kiley Jenner turned her Lip Kits into a Billion Dollar Brand in just 2 years. Does anyone other than Jessica Simpson have a Billion Dollar per year fashion brand? However, we decided we didn't want pop stars to pretend to be the designers of our brands. That's like convincing fans that Milli Vanilli was the most talented act in the early 90's. The Millennial's aren't falling for fake news or brand attitudes. They also don't have enough money to spend buying expensive things.


We believe 1,000 artists with 3,000 fans has a lot more market impact than 1 artist with 3,000,000 fans. There would be 999 more passionate artists touring the world working hard to earn a living. Of course we will welcome influential artists but our goal is to build brands that support independence.




Get Rich Selling Replicas

Artists and fashion designers spend weeks or months creating original works of art that cost thousands of dollars. Not everyone can afford to buy couture but they can afford to buy a knock off. We can replicate popular material by producing thousands of units in foreign countries where the cost of living allows us to pay a fair wage to factory workers and charge a fair price to the average American who wants designer looks for less.






You're Out of Line

Stop waiting in long lines or missing out on the latest material. Physical products sell out never to be seen again. Things that cost $10 end up being resold online for $100 and the creators aren't earning the money being paid to the person reselling their material. Discounts are now designed for Next Season not Last Season.


Season ticket holders will have access to exclusive material that can only be made-to-order or purchased at Modern Material pop-up shops. Artists can offer early entry to their shows, meet and greets and autographed material and we will offer great deals on merchandise only available to people who have tickets.



Vote on Your Favorite New Things

Fans and followers will help us decide what products to materialize. Season Ticket Holders will receive a Curator's Kit midway through the season to vote on their favorite songs, album covers, designs, fragrances, product assortments and lifestyle brand campaigns. The final collection will be curated to be sold, produced and shipped to consumers.



Lifestyle Brand Music Videos

Members will begin collaborating on lifestyle brand campaigns for season ticket holders to vote on before we select the winning team or contributors. Submissions should tell a story, provoke change, bring awareness to a cause or simply create beautiful art that has true meaning and a purpose to marketing materialism.





The Future Distribution of Music & Style

Modern Material is opening up an entirely new distribution channel: On Tour Shopping. Artists will be able to share the latest material with their audiences in each city they perform in. They might have samples displayed at their merch tables or worn on stage. Members will earn commission based on subscriptions, pre-orders or purchases made.


Once the audience purchases tickets, customers can curate different types of material for their Boomboxes. Each box will arrive at the end of the recording session new material from our members. Ticket holders will be able to purchase Next Season at Last Season Prices. Our Tour Bus Boutique concept will evolve when Modern Material is ready for Stage 3 of the business.



Global Suppliers & Manufacturers

Modern Material works with foreign and domestic manufacturers to achieve the lowest cost of goods and highest margins for our retail buyers. Our mission is to transfer the high margins of selling more units of imported merchandise to artists & designers who need to make a living. Instead of designers spending all of their time making their products with their own hands, we will provide the ability to mass produce popular material to generate more profit for the creators.


We will provide full transparency of where consumer dollars are going, showing the costs and profits involved in building and selling a brand. When the customer pre-orders our merchandise before it is manufactured, everyone wins, including the planet which is being filled with cheap, disposable clothing.


NOTICE: Due to the Trade War between the United States and China, prices and delivery dates cannot be promised. We will do our best to counteract complications. Tariffs, taxes and shipping will be factored into the cost of goods and retail prices



Online Unboxing Reviews

Everybody is using Unboxing videos as a part of their marketing tactics. We thought we'd join all the fun. When our Boomboxes finally arrive we want fans to tell us all about their favorite new material. Pick out your favorite song on a playlist and play it while you start checking out the tracks inside your Boombox. Even fans will win awards for their most creative Boombox  Reviews.



And the Winner Is...

Why is it that music, TV and Movies get to compete every year for awards and fashion brands do not? That's because most fashion brands are run by corporations and the designers don't actually get credit for the work you purchase. The retail industry is focused on making money not recognizing talent. We get job promotions and pay raises if we meet annual sales goals. We don't win trophies or make speeches. Let's change that







Make a Living Doing What You Love.

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