Modern Material is designed to change the way we think, create, curate, make, market and monetize our material. We are recruiting an army of artists, designers, influencers and brands to experiment with a collaborative coMMerce coMMunity that will allow for the free exchange of goods and services in exchange for a coMMission.

Our member supported platform provides independent business owners the opportunity to sell their products direct-to-consumer, share global influence among fans and followers, and create merchandising and marketing strategies to provide consumers with a convenient, daily destination to shop, socialize and share the latest material.


We are a MMbers Only coMMunity that will allow talent and influence to share revenue through our collaborative coMMission platform. Two or more parties will be able to program compensation rates into a shared platform for their boutique shops. Payments will be issued for services and sales after customer purchases on Modern Material.

All MMbers will be able to run their own online shops, recruit new members and curate products from current MMbers for their co.{LAB} shops. MMbers will earn revenue from the sales of their own merchandise, royalties for licensing intellectual property, or coMMission from cross-promotion of material from MMbers. Modern Material will require a quarterly membership fee for approved members and a small sales commission from each product sold.

We are accepting applications for MEMBERSHIPS now. All content on our website is for mock purposes only. Each member will be able to sell up to 50 items in their boutique and curate up to 25 products from other members to earn coMMission. All items listed on Modern Material must be approved.

The deadline to apply for our Spring 2019 Co.{LAB} Boutiques is December 31, 2018. Our portal for LICENSED ARTWORK is expected to open this spring.


William & Co. is a Brooklyn based handbag shop owned and operated by Alex & Addison Taylor. Their handcrafted leather bags are popular amongst the influential Hipsters in Williamsburg. Often spotted with celebrities and Instagramers like the Speech Bubble and Handcrafted Hipster, William & Co. handbags are a must have staple for your daily necessities. As members of Modern Material, Alex & Addison will receive a commission from anything you purchase from their Co.{LAB} shop to help support their own indie business.



Distress Call is a Portland, OR based alternative rock band fronted by James Lindsey, a songwriter who explores the dark, empty, hopeless emotions depression and suicide. A survivor and advocate for mental health, James and his band are strong believers in giving their fans a voice that deserves to be heard without judgment. Their collaborations explore creating bonds between people who have experienced the same tragic and complicated lives, with a mission to make friendships that can save lives instead of take lives. Members of their Co.{LAB} can have anonymous conversations with each other without the fear of sharing private details on social media in hopes to find a friend who truly understands what they are going through.



Pop Rox has a fun, vibrant aesthetic with pop colors and cultural references to the 80’s. We love the playful pictures and playlists loaded with electronic pop music. If you’re ever in a bad mood just remind yourself that tomorrow can be taken a little less seriously.