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Welcome to Modern Material. Our mission is to change the way we think, create, curate, make, market and monetize our material by uniting an army of artists fighting for our financial freedom.

Our collaborative creative coMMunity has developed a coMMissioned based coMMerce system for recording artists, designers and entrepreneurs to share resources and revenue. Modern Material’s Members Only platform will allow for the free exchange of goods and services among teams building strategic sales goals for our artists’ global touring schedules.

Modern Material will remain 100% member and community supported. Our curators are sending out invitations now. To be considered during our start-up phase, please apply for one of our community roles. We expect to open to the public in early 2019.





The Hipster’s Playlist is geared up for the crisp Brooklyn air up with tracks from aspiring artists who have grooves that will get the creative juices going. You’ll find songs on Volume 01 from Foreign Air, SAFIA, Frills, The Man Who and many more to come.




Nobody knows how to pick out the best of things nobody knows about than a hipster. Pack your convertible backpack up for a stroll through Williamsburg with a cup of coffee before you start the day in your creative loft. You’re probably going to be one of the first ones on our Guestlist.



I’ve been digging the new album from Bob Moses all week. Their beats usually have a dark, chill vibe, but there’s something about the song, Nothing But You, that has me driving down the coast with the top down feeling like I’m driving off into the sunset at the end of a John Hughe’s 80’s movie.

The band will be touring the US this fall.




Ideal Oats is one of our most innovative members in the food industry. Founder, Chris Chiarella, joins Modern Material with his protein boosted oatmeal with ingredients that can’t be found anywhere else in the market.

Oatmeal can and should be a food that tastes like a treat and helps to move you towards your daily nutrition goals, not pull you away from them. That’s why Ideal Oats® uses no added sugars or artificial ingredients, provides 20 grams of high quality protein, yet tastes delicious and satisfying when simply mixed with water. It is meant to be taken anywhere for a tasty and protein-packed meal or snack while you are on the go.


You can expect your home and bath to be filled with clean products that are healthy for your skin. say goodbye to synthetic dyes and fragrances and begin to experience the Level Naturals state of mind.

We manufacture all products by hand at our factory in SoCal. This allows us to carefully choose only the best, safest and most natural ingredients. We were founded on aromatherapy powdered by plants and earths natural healing clays and oils.


A native to California, Lauren Morrelli designs bohemian inspired jewelry and natural skincare. As a dedication to her late grandmother Dotty, who was an inspiration for her love of costume jewelry, Lauren is inspired by oceanic colors, earth tones, natural stones, vintage jewelry and crystals. Growing up she would visit her grandmother often and play dress up in all her flamboyant clip on earrings and long pearl necklaces. There was never a dull item in her grandmother’s closet with a range of fruit earrings to oversize crystal necklaces and her fur coats and stole. Ever since then her love for anything that sparkles and shines carries on.



In today’s modern world you wouldn’t dream of spending money on the music that forever defines your life but you can’t wait to buy new clothes that will go out of style next season. Songs don’t end up in landfills, they end up engrained in our memories.

We think a song deserves to be valued more than a $0.99 bottle of water you’ll drink in 10 minutes, toss in the garbage and buy again tomorrow. An album deserves to be valued more than a $25 jacket you bought at H&M because you forgot to pack one for the weekend. Music deserves more money than you spend every time you replace a pair of lost sunglasses.

While digital material took away the artist’s right to make a living selling music, making money selling fashion skyrocketed into epic proportions. The ability to sell a product direct-to-consumer became increasingly cheaper as layers of the supply chain could be eliminated with online shopping. Buyers don’t need to spend a year planning what will sit on store shelves in hopes the right person walks through store doors to buy it.

All you need is a great product and the ability to reach enough customers who are willing to buy it. Then came social media and now everyone famous seems to have a clothing or beauty brand.

Modern Material is going back to it’s roots. The days when we were just a marketing street team going from show to show to pass out CDs and requesting songs on the radio. We are building an army of artists, designers and entrepreneurs who just need to cut through all the bullshit out there. The world doesn’t need another fast fashion brand or pop star…it needs genuine, authentic art that truly means something to people. That’s what music means to us.

If you meet our qualifications, we want you on our team…street team style. We are not competing for business or trying to capitalize off your art, we are creating one business for artists to make a living. Providing customers with one convenient marketplace is the only thing that survives in this world. Artists (at any stage) have global reach with new audiences each night while designers have brands that have more appeal than a souvenir t-shirt business. We are simply here to connect the dots between art & commerce.

We invite you to apply to our marketplace today. All you need is love for great music & style.


Founder + Creator