If you have material you would like to see featured in our Boombox Boutique please apply to our Co.{LAB}. Modern Material curators will let you know if you made the final cut during our recording session. If selected there will be additional start-up fees to help us build a merchandising & marketing strategy with the collaboration that is best fit for your material.



A native to California, Lauren Morrelli designs bohemian inspired jewelry and natural skincare. As a dedication to her late grandmother Dotty, who was an inspiration for her love of costume jewelry, Lauren is inspired by oceanic colors, earth tones, natural stones, vintage jewelry and crystals. Growing up she would visit her grandmother often and play dress up in all her flamboyant clip on earrings and long pearl necklaces. There was never a dull item in her grandmother’s closet with a range of fruit earrings to oversize crystal necklaces and her fur coats and stole. Ever since then her love for anything that sparkles and shines carries on.


Lauren is one of my co-workers from Allegro / Conair where we design hundreds of prints for cosmetic bags. You can find our bags everywhere from Target, TJMaxx, Ulta, to Walmart but Lauren and I both have a love for making jewelry. Her shark tooth and crystal statement necklaces are my favorites.

You can expect your home and bath to be filled with clean products that are healthy for your skin. say goodbye to synthetic dyes and fragrances and begin to experience the Level Naturals state of mind.

We manufacture all products by hand at our factory in SoCal. This allows us to carefully choose only the best, safest and most natural ingredients. We were founded on aromatherapy powdered by plants and earths natural healing clays and oils.


Level Naturals is one of my newest clients. A refreshing break from the corporate confines of private label, this team has a great take in the personal care market with their natural ingredient products which look and smell amazing. Reminds me a bit of my days designing Aromatherapy for Bath & Body Works.

A well-known Beverly Hills Salon Owner, John Amato, and a Fashion Model, Teri LaVerne, created a sophisticated hair care system that could offer a solution to the antiquated products, which merely camouflage damaged hair. Together, they elevated the expectations for the eco-chic generation of today by proving that you don’t have to sacrifice high-performance when it comes to selecting a healthier alternative. The goal was to escape the ordinary and explore the wealth of natural healing elements that would help “Reverse the signs of aging hair”. Enter the world of Eco-Luxury Hair Care.