Getting word out about your product line is nearly impossible these days. You have to compete with all of the fast fashion brands for price. You get buried by all of the influencers and celebrities who are getting paid to wear brands and sell tens of thousands of units. Meanwhile you set up shop at festivals, farmers markets and Etsy just to sell a few things. If you get invited to be on Project Runway you have to take months off from your day job just to get exposure.

Then there is the cost to start your own product line. You have to pay $20oK to manufacture your product line, $20K to produce a fashion show, $10K to have a booth in a tradeshow and $3K to pay a celebrity to wear your dress on the red carpet. You spend more time and money marketing your material instead of time working on your craft.

This is what I was doing for years and my brand, Rox + Royalty, began go take off before I knew how to manage a business. Then I realized I didn’t even want to be a fashion designer. I wanted to be in music marketing but I knew there wasn’t much of a business left.

In 2008 I began working with recording artists to cross-promote Modern Material online and on tour. When social media came along my fashion collection received global recognition and I was getting invitations to Project Runway, Rihanna’s Styled to Rock and to make Ariana Grande’s AMA costumes. I was thrilled but I didn’t know how to sew, I taught factories in China how to sew. After I realized I was only making $5.00 an hour making everything by hand and managing order fulfillment, I decided to take a break.

I’m more interested in building a business that will help artists make music than building a business to sell my own designs. That means I need to find brands that fit our lifestyles and I’d love to give independent designers a chance to make a living rather than mass produce more material like I do for major retailers.

If you know the struggles of trying to get a business off the ground we want you to join Modern Material so we can create a collaborative commerce system for independent music, art & design. You must be invited or approved to become a member.



Designers and independent brands who become members of Modern Material will have an All-Access pass to work with the artists who are members. We will co-ordinate marketing campaigns to provide wardrobes that align with the products you will be featuring in our collaborations or in your Modern Material storefront.

We are basically stylists with a store to sell the material that is being photographed on bands around the world every night.


We are going old school with a new school business model. If you become a Modern Material Brand Member we need your material shipped to our distribution center in Los Angeles on consignment for 6 months. You only need to ship what will be featured in a Boombox Boutique. After we collect sales we will provide you with 50% of the profit.

We can also manage direct-sales of your merchandise that is being held on consignment should you need to fill orders outside Modern Material sales. There will be an additional fee for services.