While we love your music, we can’t buy it anymore. Most of us go to shows and don’t plan on going shopping. We save our money for the things we need and the things we love. Let’s face it, a merch t-shirt is not the latest fashion coming from the runway, in stores or on Instagram. What are you wearing on stage? Fans are taking photographs of you and sharing them on social media. Even the biggest rock stars aren’t selling their own wardrobes and we started wondering why.

Regardless of how many fans you have, retail stores do not have thousands of people walking through doors each night. Stores do not have screaming fans lining up outside their windows. You do, but your t-shirts don’t do anything for us. When we go shopping we take dozens of items into a dressing room and then have to decide what items to put back.

Let us let you in on a little secret. Fashion is the money making business to be in, not entertainment merchandise. In 2016 Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour generated approximately $20 Million in merch sales. That same year Jessica Simpson’s fashion line generated $1 Billion in retail sales. Add in her album and ticket sales of approximately $200 Million and Taylor still did not generate as much money as the has-been pop star.

People need to get dressed 365 days per year. That gives us a lot of time to create and sell more things to the same customer over and over.

You have one album that took you all year to record and the tech companies are giving it away Music for free. If you go on tour you can sell 1 ticket to one person in a limited number of cities per year. But then what? You start building up a fan base after they already bought your product (a song, an album, ticket, souvenir) but what is the next thing your “customer” can buy if you won’t release another album for two years?

You are out there collecting fans not customers. Meanwhile independent brands and designers are spending a fortune trying to market their fashion brands which are a hell of a lot better than generic screen printed merchandise.

Most companies are looking for social media influencers who already have a following but we think sharing one business with everyone who is just getting started is a much more innovative route to go. We can cut out all of the noise from social media, music streaming and online shopping if all the cool kids start doing something new. When I started this Band / Brand concept YouTube didn’t exist and MySpace was just starting.

Welcome to Modern Material. The only way to get in is to know somebody so start spreading the word.




• We think your music is amazing and fits with our lifestyle vibes

• You are willing to engage fans and promote Modern Material online and on tour to increase your sales

• You are interested in collaborations with other artists, designers, content creators and causes we care about

• You care about finding a cool new way to make money so you can remain authentic to your art


There is an annual membership fee of $1,500 to manage your online profile, build your Guestlist program, and provide digital assets. We are offering a Start-Up promotion of $200 to bands with less than 10,000 fans.


• Indie Band Members will be given an All-Access Code to Modern Material

• As we build our network you can connect to our designers and brands to curate a wardrobe for your tour

• The goal is to create daily content and share one commerce system instead of everyone operating thousands of independent web stores

• You will receive 25% of the net profit generated by your sales


• Your Guestlist code will give your fans access to exclusive material and promotions

• Customers must be on a Guestlist to purchase Modern Material


• You will need to work with Modern Material on aligning your tour schedule with collaborations designed to target your audience

• Our job is to match your audience’s lifestyle to the designer products we will be featuring

• Your job is to tell everyone how cool our team’s style is so you can increase your sales

• You should also request your audience applies to become members

• You will get a extra perks for recruiting new members

• We are based in Los Angeles, CA but offer international shipping

• Tour promotion will be focused on the United States however international marketing campaigns are welcomed


• Artists will become independent contractors of Modern Material and be issued a W-9 form

• We are hiring you for a profit sharing marketing / sales job while you are on tour

• If you are based in another country we will need to work with you to assure proper government guidelines are followed

• You can earn up to 25% of the profit generated by your Guestlist

• Some restrictions to the profit share will apply such as Licensed Merchandise or charity fundraisers

• You will have a total of 12 months to generate sales for each contract period

• Payments will be made quarterly based on your sales report

• A minimum of $10,000 in sales needs to be generated before we issue each profit sharing check

• All company operating costs will be deducted before determining the profit

• Operating costs include: Cost of goods, fulfillment, packaging, staff overhead, business expenses, and marketing costs


• You will have an All-Access pass to work with our designers and brands

• The amount of merchandise provided for free will depend on the level of your tour

• Share details with your audience about the designers and brands you are wearing


If our membership program sounds like the perfect addition to your tour schedule we’d love to have you join our team. Early members will receive discounts or extensions while we are establishing the ground floor.

If you do not have a US tour that aligns with our calendar you can still become a member and request an extension for your membership. International promotion is welcomed but shipping costs may play a factor in sales volume.

Online application coming soon.