I wanted to create a company that connected people not only to the artists but to each other. Some of the closest friendships I’ve ever had were with people I didn’t even know who I met on message boards or in line at concerts. Music is like a calling card to remind you that you are not alone. Perhaps that’s why music seemed to be the only thing that got me through adolescence.

Our collaborations will be curated around lifestyles or causes we care about. We want you to have a reason for being materialistic. When you love an artist you cannot get enough from them…but it can be years between albums because they need to go on the road to sell tickets. That’s why we will give you the material things you want so you can help them continue to make music more often.

And if you have that burning obsession to help them achieve their dreams you can sign up to be on their Modern Material Street Team and earn perks like autographs and meet and greets from the artists you represent.



There will be a 4 week promotional tour for each Cassette Tape featured with a Boombox Boutique. The artists will be asking audience members to purchase a Boombox to support their music. The cassettes will feature curated material from our stylists but you will not know what tracks will be in your box. Just tune in to a station who’s style you like.


Each Boombox will have a series of Mixed Tapes to choose from. You’ll be able to pick out the product category and price point but you can’t actually purchase items from the store. We will only buy material from our artisans and indie brands after you order a Boombox.


You must be on an artist’s Guestlist to purchase a Boombox. Enter their code and you will receive special promotions such as a free pair of shades to rock with your box. If you did not receive a Guestlist code all you have to do is post on social media with #MMRSVP @modernmaterial and an artist will add you to their Guestlist.


Modern Material operates with project timelines so we can minimize our costs and maximize our margins to share with the artists. The Boombox Boutique will play for 4 weeks. After we press stop we will start purchasing the material you requested for your box.

The first Boombox is scheduled to arrive in early December for the Holiday Giving Season.


Returns are only available for store credit. We will gladly accept unused or damaged products so you can exchange it for something else but you will be responsible for return shipping costs. We also encourage people to trade their material if you were looking for something else from a collection.


Shipping in the continental US is free on orders over $50. International shipping rates will apply based on carrier rates.

We are located in Los Angeles, CA and are not responsible for shipping delays or lost packages. Please choose a service that is reliable for your destination. Our fulfillment center will provide tracking and customer service.


Each Boombox Boutique will feature a fun box reveal with a listing party of everything you got. You’ll be able to trade material with other recipients  #trademymaterial if you don’t like the tracks. We want to hear all about the new music and style you’re rocking for the holidays.


As soon as our lineup is ready we will host a release party. Stay tuned.