In today’s modern world you wouldn’t dream of spending money on the music that forever defines your life but you can’t wait to buy new clothes that will go out of style next season. Songs don’t end up in thrift stores or landfills, they end up engrained in our memories, but there is no song in the world that can make as much money as all material we buy and throw away every day.

  1. a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values.


We think a song deserves to be valued more than a $0.99 bottle of water that will be consumed in 10 minutes, tossed in the garbage and bought again tomorrow. An album deserves to be valued more than a $25 jacket bought at H&M just because somebody forgot to pack one for the weekend. Music deserves more money than is spent every time somebody replaces a pair of lost sunglasses.


While digital material took away the artist’s right to make a living selling music, social media and e-commerce businesses skyrocketed consumer brand profits into epic proportions. The ability to sell a product direct-to-consumer became increasingly cheaper as layers of the supply chain could be eliminated. Buyers don’t need to spend a year planning what will sit on store shelves in hopes the right person walks through store doors to buy it. All you need is a great product and the ability to reach enough customers who are willing to pay what you ask them for it.


Now the internet is jam packed with millions of products and thousands of online stores. The fashion business is still booming but the way we market and distribute material is changing over to social media influencers. While the big business world is paying super stars who have already made it to the top, we are looking for an army of artists who are just getting started. 1,000 artists with 5,000 fans will have greater impact than 1 artist with 5,000,000 because there are 999 more people with a voice that deserves to be heard. Add in a few artists who already have a voice and want to play it forward to help the next generation and you have a pretty great marketing team.


If people can find everything they need on Amazon, YouTube or Spotify, why bother looking anywhere else, right? Convenience is king for consumers, but quality is queen. If we can figure out how to create a business that provides convenience, quality, authenticity and affordability, we might just be able to compete for a piece of the market.


Getting your song heard or brand seen is tough, but if we came together and started a business? What could we create? We believe it’s bigger than anyone’s wildest dreams but it’s up to you if you’re willing to listen to something we’ve believed in since before social media, music streaming and online shopping became a thing.

Modern Material is going back to it’s grassroots. To the days when we were just a Street Team website and indie designer brand, going from show to show, passing out CDs, requesting songs on the radio and promoting Modern Material at merch tables.


We are artists, designers and entrepreneurs who just need to cut through all the bullsh*t out there. The world doesn’t need more mass produced material that only feeds the corporate fat cats. The world needs genuine emotion, authentic art and memories that truly mean something to people. That’s what music means to us and that’s what we hope Modern Material will mean to you. We can come up with 100 ways to make $100 million if we believe consumers will believe our material is worthy of paying for. The money is the easy part for us. The hard part is finding enough people who will spend money without us having to spend money to pay for marketing to sell our material.


We’ve learned a lot from Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Uber, Tom’s, Harry’s Razors, Fabletics and every other e-commerce business model that becomes a category leader. Amazon wasn’t writing and publishing books. Netflix wasn’t producing their own TV series. They opened a retail channel to distribute material from everyone else in the world. That’s what we are doing. We can’t design and develop fashion or lifestyle brands for every single independent artist out there. We had to make a decision if we wanted to build this company for the artists who have already made it to the top or build it with ALL of the artists and designers who are doing the heavy lifting at the bottom.

Billy Corgan said it best when he realized that that Smashing Pumpkin’s fans didn’t care about what their music and lyrics meant to him, fans cared about what the music meant to their lives. Exactly. There are very few people who will care enough to buy a t-shirt at every concert they attend.  Billy said Smashing Pumpkins were signed to a 7 year record contract that owned the rights to all universes not yet discovered. The music business can keep their merch deals. There is no money to be made in that universe. That was the moment that solidified the future of Modern Material, because without SP and every artist who came after, this would not exist. WE are ARTISTS, PERIOD.


Founder + Creator | 2005