Modern Material is designed to change the way we think, create, curate, make, market and monetize our material. We are recruiting an army of artists, designers, influencers and brands to experiment with a collaborative coMMerce coMMunity that will allow for the free exchange of goods and services in exchange for a coMMission.


Our member supported platform will provide independent business owners the opportunity to sell their products direct-to-consumer, share global influence among fans and followers, create revenue boosting merchandising and marketing strategies and provide consumers with a convenient, daily destination to shop, socialize and share the latest material.


We think a song deserves to be valued more than a $0.99 bottle of water that will be consumed in 10 minutes, tossed in the garbage and bought again tomorrow. Design should be admired not mass produced. Art should feed the soul not starve the artist. The value of our members’ material was created for greatnesses not destined to live  just one season.


We’ve learned a lot from Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, Uber, Tom’s, Harry’s Razors, Fabletics and every other e-commerce business model that becomes a category leader. Amazon wasn’t writing and publishing books. Netflix wasn’t producing their own TV series. They opened a retail channel to distribute material from everyone else in the world. That’s what we are doing. Connecting each layer in the supply chain to create something truly amazing together. Be that an experience, emotion or material things, we aim to become a place for independence to be achieved.


If people can find everything they need to buy on Amazon or listen to on Spotify, why bother looking anywhere else, right? Convenience is king for consumers, but quality is queen. If we can figure out how to share a business that provides convenience, quality, authenticity, affordability and brand appeal, we might just be able to compete for a piece of the market and operate independently.


We believe fans want more than an expensive cheap t-shirt from their favorite artists and designers and brands have more to offer than mass produced material. The costs and process involved in establishing licensing and marketing deals has proven to be an impossible feat unless you are a multi-billion dollar company with money to pay influential talent advances. Our licensing portal will allow a licensor and licensee to negotiate a deal simply by programing the terms and royalty rates into each product approved and sold by members on Modern Material.


Today the internet is jam packed with millions of products and thousands of online stores. The fashion business is still booming but the way we market and distribute material is changing over to social media influencers. While the big business world is paying super stars who have already made it to the top, we are recruiting an army of artists who are just getting started. 1,000 artists with 5,000 fans will have greater impact than 1 artist with 5,000,000 because there are 999 more people with a voice that deserves to be heard. Add in a few influential artists and brands who already have a voice that inspires the next generation and you have a pretty great marketing team.


Our members will be able to recruit new members, curate merchandise and earn a sales commission from products sold in their Co.{LAB} boutiques. We believe independent artists will have the ability to earn more revenue simply by sharing material with customers that will compliment their own brands. The ability to upsell to a customer and provide new material to keep consumers engaged is the key to building a successful retail business. Most independent artists and designers specialize in a trade or product category but consumers need to buy various products each day. Members of Modern Material will be able to fill their Co.{LAB} shops with a wide assortment of material to help promote and support each other.


While digital material took away the artist’s right to make a living selling music, social media and e-commerce businesses skyrocketed consumer brand profits into epic proportions. The ability to sell a product direct-to-consumer became increasingly cheaper as layers of the supply chain could be eliminated. Buyers don’t need to spend a year planning what will sit on store shelves in hopes the right person walks through store doors to buy it. All you need is a great product and the ability to reach enough customers who find value in your material.


Modern Material will only charge an application and start-up fee to keep our creative community free from corporate investment and user saturation, only taking a small sales commission on all products sold in our marketplace. We will provide the tools to turn art into commerce and allow artists the opportunity to earn more revenue by helping other artists and designers sell their work.